Make a Wish

A few months ago some of our Cru (shout out to our MD Chris, Contracts Administrator Hayden, and their respective support crews), all participated in a fundraising event for Make a Wish Foundation as part of the BMF Noosa Tri Team. This year, due to the amazing amount raised, the team has contributed to wishes for not just one, but two amazing children and their families.

A HUGE thank you to our awesome tradies, consultants and Cru staff who donated to this event (which also saw our MD shave off his beard as part of the fundraising goal).  Kudos to the dynamic duo Blake and Bianca of BMF who put together the team each year and help Make A Wish with their inspiring work – this year the team collectively raised just over $27,500.  

Well done to everyone involved – and thank you so much for your cashola! Every single penny counts and this year Dylan and Grace saw their wishes come true!

Grace's wish for a best friend

Grace is eight years old and has severe cerebral palsy. She interacts differently than other kids do and struggles to make friends because other children don't understand the way she is.

Grace's Christmas wish is for a best friend. Make a Wish has been working with Grace's mum and has decided that for Grace's wish she is getting a puppy that will be loyal and love her unconditionally despite her illness. The pup isn't quite old enough yet and needs to go through some very special training but we are sure Grace will adore her new best friend when he arrives.

Dylan's wish to be a superhero

Dylan is 12 years old and has septo-optic displasia which is a rare congenital malformation syndrome featuring underdevelopment of the optic nerve, pituitary gland dysfunction, and absence of the septum pellucidum (a midline part of the brain). Due to Dylan's condition, his cognitive development is like that of a younger child.

Dylan has always wanted to be a superhero and this year the Make a Wish foundation has called Dylan into action after reports that Ice Man was freezing people around Australia. They sent him to Perth airport as the source of the most recent sighting with the help of the Australian Federal Police and Qantas. SuperDylan saved the day at Perth airport and defeated the Ice Man - watch the video here!


We would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who helped make these dreams come true!