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Meet the design mind behind Siarn - Darren Greenaway

In this instalment of our "Meet the Cru" blog series, we sat down with Director of BDA, Darren (Daz) Greenaway. This is what he had to say about his design vision for Siarn Palm Beach North.

Where did you draw design inspiration from for Siarn?

This was easy, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the Country. The natural land forms of the Burleigh headland, fluid movement of the waves, angular landscaped lines of the pandanus palm leaves and rocks along the headland and groyne were used as inspiration. The design was derived from a combination of all of these surrounding landscape environments.

The façade consists of a series of movable screens which are a coastal aesthetic providing articulation, movement, privacy and protection from the wind.  A series of staggered balconies and privacy screens represent the stacking of the headland rocks whilst creating interest and individuality. A curving screen portrays the movement of the ocean whilst creating privacy and dramatic shadows to the façade. The western façade is a sculptural array of textures panels with angled lines that are like the edges of the headlands and pandanus palm leaves. 

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Is client collaboration important? 

Yes, very important. The team at Cru are very passionate about their company and take pride in everything they do. We worked very closely with the owners of Cru to ensure we could meet their vision of creating a unique residential apartment building that is not like any other building within the Palm Beach community. 

We've worked with Cru on another recent project and given they are Gold Coast locals they understand that design, materials and colours need to suit the surrounding environment.

The Siarn design process has been a fun and collaborative approach that we at BDA are very proud to be part of. Our objective is to achieve a simplicity of concept through a process of investigation, experimentation, collaboration and consultation. We can only achieve this by working closely with our clients and consultants.

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What sets Siarn apartments apart?

The large 230m2 apartments are the size of a standard family home, allowing plenty of space for families to grow.  Cru was very clear that they had to be practical for a beach lifestyle, as well as aesthetically considered from all angles. 

It also boasts a very thoughtfully considered podium level of lifestyle facilities which I have no doubt will be valued by the residents. A large ocean front pool, fitness centre and sauna will be available exclusively for Siarn residents. It really is an amazing lifestyle address when paired with the fact the beach and surf break of 25th Avenue is at your front door.

The building façade has been designed to maximise glazing in order to enhance natural light, ventilation and views. This creates a light, airy and breathable apartment that isn’t seen in many other apartment developments.

Siarn's large residential balconies are very private and act as outdoor rooms, encouraging the gold coast indoor / outdoor lifestyle.  All apartments open out to enjoy a northern aspect, ranging from north-east to south-east views. 

The exterior styling is restrained, simple yet bold. The architectural language is contemporary and minimal with a natural colour palette respecting its coast environment. Overall, this building will be a great addition to the Palm Beach area. 

Tell us about Siarn- your affiliation with Palm Beach & the vision for this project

Growing up on the Gold Coast and living in Palm Beach in my youth I have many fond memories of days spent at the beach and creek. I can vividly remember walking along the sandy beach, swimming in the ocean and taking in the scenery and the warm tones and textures of the surrounding landscape. This building provided a unique opportunity to express these fond memories of the unique Palm Beach landscape.

Our vision for Siarn was to create a luxury residential apartment building, achieving a design outcome that provides a high standard of liveability and generates an appropriate scale in the developing context. 

The expression of the building possesses a subtropical ambiance, which is characterised by off white concrete forms and movable timber look screens which draw inspiration from the surrounding area. Through thoughtful consideration of the existing environment at Palm Beach and the envisaged potential for urban redevelopment, this design approach aims to deliver a high quality, engaging and aesthetically pleasing residential apartment building, which will provide considerable amenity for its residents.

I believe the overall built form, scale, composition, and detail is the result of a carefully considered analysis of the landscape, existing Architectural character, and local climatic conditions. The built form clearly expresses fluid elements of the waves, patterns and texture of the rock formations and an openness and transparency of its location. 

What is your favourite design element?

The architectural design of Siarn is timeless yet contemporary. BDA’s ethos is to create enduring architecture that is a unique expression of space and form. I believe Siarn is a great example of this.

The overall shape, massing, composition and detail elements creates a highly articulated building with a series of individual architectural elements. Each of these components being the staggered balconies, moveable timber-look sliding screens, textured western façade and curved wave screen create the overall architectural expression. I don’t have an individual favourite - it is all these components composed together that makes Siarn so unique. 

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We believe that it is important to take a holistic sustainable approach that links the ecology of the building with the poetic dimensions of architecture, location and function of a building; its orientation, its form and structure; its heating and ventilation systems, and the materials used. Siarn has been designed as a climatic response allowing natural ventilation through the apartments, maximising natural light and providing sun shading through deep balconies and sun shading devices. The materials are low maintenance and have minimal impact on the environment.

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