Move over Melbourne! Australia’s ‘most hipster’ city named

Move over Melbourne – you’re no longer Australia’s number one hipster haunt, according to a new survey.

446 cities across 20 countries in the world were studied for “The Hipster Index” and - when it comes to Australia - the results may shock you.


© Getty A global survey has identified Australia's most hipster cities - and Melbourne was shockingly not named as number one. Picture: Getty.


Global relocation company MoveHub looked at the numbers of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques and record stores in each city per 100,000 residents, ranking cities with a 'Hipster Index Score' from one to 10.


© AAP The survey took into account numbers of coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage shops and record stores, compared to population density. Picture: AAP.


And while Melbourne is typically known for its progressive outlook, coffee culture and boutiques, it placed just fifth nationally.

The city was pipped to the post by Geelong, Hobart and Cairns, who placed second, third and fourth in Australia.

Amazingly, it was the Gold Coast that shocked by taking out the top spot.


© AAP In just one of the categories, the Gold Coast was found to have 140 coffee shops per 100,000 residents. Picture:


In total 14 Australian countries were included in the final table, with Sydney and Brisbane also placing low on the list at 10th and 11th nationally.

“As the two most densely populated Australian cities... Melbourne and Sydney are simply too big to ooze the niche hipster cool, that the study... demands,” the study said.

“Despite having a reputation as Australia’s best foodie hub, Melbourne is let down by a surprisingly low number of vegan eats.”


© MoveHub Amazingly, the Gold Coast took out the stop spot as Australia's 'most hipster' location. Picture: MoveHub.


Internationally Australia also performed poorly in terms of hipster popularity, with no city placing lower than 70th place.

Australians did however top the charts for coffee shop numbers, with the Gold Coast, Geelong and Melbourne coming in at first, second and fourth globally.

Per 100,000 residents, the research found that the Gold Coast has more than 140 coffee shops, Geelong has just over 128 and Melbourne has over 119. 

“The coffee in Australia is world renowned,” Frederick O’Brien from MoveHub said.

“Record stores and vintage boutiques are where the Aussies fall short, but if neither of those factors are important to you then there’s plenty on offer down under.”

As for the ‘most hipster’ location in the world – Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom sealed the number one spot, just above Portland, Oregon in the United States.


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