On Site Safety - Acqua Palm Beach

Once you get over the most amazing level six view at Acqua Beachside Residences (seriously WOW), we have a rescue to perform!

This is a drill, we repeat – a drill! Cru Construct's Safety Manager Adam Prosser takes us behind the scenes and sky high at Acqua Palm Beach. 

Cru Construct dedicated to safety

CruConstructAdamProsserAs Cru’s dedicated Safety Manager, Adam is responsible for the safety procedures on our construction sites - ensuring our staff, contractors and clients adhere to safe work practice.

Cru Construct may have up to 80 local contractors on site on any given day at Acqua Palm Beach, so it's imperative we are pro-active with safety.

Last month Adam coordinated an emergency drill for a crane tower rescue. If only Prince Charming had the skills of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) he could have saved a lot of time rescuing the Damsel!

The drill

The onsite management team, in coordination with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), performed an aerial rescue of the tower crane operator.

Adam describes the drill,

"The rescue was done under the scenario that the tower crane operator had suffered a medical episode and was unresponsive.

A member of the crane crew contacted Site Management advising them the crane operator was unresponsive, site management then instigated the ‘Emergency Response Procedure”, contacting 000 and advising the operator of the situation and evacuating the site.

QFES attended the scene along with their aerial rescue team who gained access to the cab of the tower crane via an aerial ladder connected to the fire rescue truck.

The rescue was performed effectively and without incident.

Thank you to the QFES team for coming to the rescue and assisting us with this successful emergency drill at Acqua."

The QFES rescue team also enjoyed a sneak peek of our sensational ocean and Currumbin creek outlook that will be enjoyed by Acqua residents soon! 

Pictured, Cru Construct Safety Manager Adam Prosser and the QFES team.