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Palm Beach Living

With easy access to some of the Coast’s coolest cafes, bars & restaurants, ACQUA’s lively Palm Beach location is unbeatable. Explore the neighbourhood and discover your next local haunt.

Palm Beach Precinct 1 740 486 s c1

Caffeine hit: Barefoot Barista

A short roam from your apartment's doorstep and you’re in the thick of it. The crema is smoother than you recall, you'll smile as you see the Ricotta Pancakes float past - they're an absolute local favourite.

Wander strip: Palm Beach Ave

As the sun kisses your shoulders, the avenues turn from fifth to seventh. You speculate how the pocket’s balance of sophistication & casual coastal living, meet so harmoniously. Passers by are laidback and basking, the distant shoreline spotless and dotted with leisure seekers.

Morning brew: Dune Cafe

An airy eatery with views for you to soak up while you sip up, some of the smoothest coffee in Palm Beach mind you. Focusing on local produce through vegetarian cuisine, organic + gluten-free options, Dune Cafe sits just 500 metres from ACQUA.

Meeting place: The Collective

The Collective invites you and a group of friends to meet, just off the Gold Coast Hwy, for a feast from collaborative menus and interactive kitchens.. One person can order Mexican from Calavera, the other might be in the mood for a cheeseburger from Luckies Diner – you order what you want from your table and pay together. The atmosphere this newly opened, two-level eatery offers is nothing short of sensational and always a local's favourite.