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The month of May was full of activity at Siarn Palm Beach North.  With the blinding layer completed, the waterproofing membrane system was installed to the floor and walls, followed by the reinforcement steel for the first of the slab pours, being the basement two slab poured early May. 

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The construction of the vertical concrete elements being the columns, walls and lift core followed; while the external wall reinforcing was installed and the installation of the sprayed concrete commenced. 

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With this work completed, the placement of form-work for the first of the suspended slabs, being basement one commenced. The basement one suspended slab and ramp to basement two was formed, reinforcement installed and services laid to achieve pour by 27 May, 2020. 

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The month ahead will see Cru Construct commence works on the ground floor podium slab construction scheduled for late June 2020.

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Information relating to construction updates is a general summary only and may be subject to change depending on construction programs, suppliers, external contractors or weather events.